About me

Growing up in Greenland days were spent chasing outdoor adventures, and nights meant stories and hiding from the Northern Lights. I have published a picture book ‘Kammalaat Sofusi’ (My Friend Sofus) in 2009, and an award-winning MG novel ‘Anitsiarfik’ (Recess) in 2007, in Greenland and Denmark.

I live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest surrounded by the majestic Olympic Mountains, the teeming Salish Sea and the Cascade Mountains with Tahoma towering over us on our sunny days. My husband and I have three boys and a sweetheart German Shepherd. Somehow two kitties have entered our dogs-only lives as well. I have heard that cats do that.

I am a member of SCBWI and a Children’s Book Academy graduate. With a MS in Political Science from University of Copenhagen, I have spent nearly a decade working with International Relations.