My #50PreciousWords entry.

This is the first time I have entered the writing contest #50PreciousWords organized by Vivian Kirkfield. A fun event where you can hone your writing skills and be wildly inspired by others. Enter and/or check out all the fabulous entries and the incredible talents. It will blow your mind how many amazing writers there are out there and their ability to craft stories in 50 words or less.


Stories from the Arctic

Welcome to my scribbles and doodles. Here you can find the children’s books that I have published and the books that I am currently reading. Occasionally, a piece of my doodling or my cats will take the stage.

As a part of a wonderful children’s book writers community, I try to amplify and promote fellow BIPOC writers and their stories, which is why I will review and celebrate their books here as well.

If you have a book or a story you would like me to share here on my page, please let me know on my Twitter account.

Ca. 1975 in Paamiut, Greenland. Creating since 1973.